Land and online casinos 2020: compare dynamics

History or casino before the internet

Gambling houses have existed since ancient times. In Europe, the ancient Greeks and Romans played in places specially designed for such entertainment, and in China gambling houses existed long before our era.

In today’s world the history of casinos begins with Ridotto, founded in 1638 in Venice. Guess where the first gambling house was opened? In a hotel, a bank or some kind of a cereal inn? No! The first casino was opened in a church by order of the government itself! This oldest casino still exists today, but only from the church building did it move to the Vendramin Palace.

Which of the segments is developing more actively today

In recent years, the industry of offline casinos and online casinos on the world map of gambling has undergone many changes. Which of the segments is developing more actively today.

The online segment has more prospects for development abroad. This is why there is a high demand from gemblers. All over the world, the individual form of entertainment is becoming more and more popular, while the group form of entertainment is showing a downward trend. The popularity of land-based casinos in world practice has decreased several times since the World Wide Web has become wireless.

Virtualization of the business area is not accidental. Innovative technologies not only contributed to the continuity of commercial processes, but also opened a completely new space (online platform for casinos) for the organization of gambling activities of foreign operators. Such a change had beneficial moments for them. We are talking about both medium and large businesses. We can conclude that the organizational structure of institutions has changed radically, more and more gambling operators are opening new online casinos.

Online casinos and land-based games: how do the offerings change?


Foreign practice shows that in recent years, casinos of land and online format focus on video slot. These are slot machines of the latest generation, where instead of physical drums with symbols there are screens with their images. They are based on complex computer programs and electronic control mechanisms.

The use of new technologies in gemblings has expanded the range of opportunities for creative solutions, allowed slot manufacturers to produce products based on personal customer requests. The playing field of such machines contains five, seven, nine reels with a large number of winning lines. In the main game were added all sorts of bonuses and additional features: freespines, respirons, multi-games and more. Most common are themed slots with elaborate graphics, bright animation, realistic sound and the output of additional screens for mini-games. Users prefer automatic machines or simulators based on the plot of popular movies, cartoons and video games.

High technology continues to evolve, and the gambling industry sees it. While a few years ago virtual casinos were associated with a platform or machine designed to run online or on a smartphone, today in a number of jurisdictions, ground-based institutions have the right to launch services in a virtual space where the gambler uses special gadgets, a helmet, goggles, gloves, a joystick and additional accessories.

Another 2-3 years – and the number of gamers in virtual reality will increase, experts predict. Creators of casino software see this trend and are preparing a new stage of slot formation, focusing on this segment. In addition, there are already real examples in foreign practice, where the appropriate equipment installed in online gaming casinos.

Land casino machines: online is not so diverse

Land casino machines

Land casino machines

Today’s slot machines floor type multifunctional and compared with online offers are more interesting. Thus, for example, the market presents devices of the new generation:

  • Devices with curved screens 2.3 meters high. The diagonal of the built-in touch screen reaches 55 inches or more. All HD quality monitors are LED backlit and have no frame. Under the screen is a keyboard with touchpad and electromechanical keys. The devices are equipped with comfortable and soft chairs with high backrest. The high security public key system is likely to be appreciated by casino owners. The machines are also equipped with mechanical counters for quick access and high visibility.
  • The multi-component screens are curved. The height of the equipment is 2.4 m. Technically, the device consists of two 32-inch high resolution widescreen displays. The equipment also has a large keypad with touch screen and electromechanical keys.
  • The monitors are available in various configurations. The difference between gambling equipment is that it can be placed individually or form groups of slot machines, depending on the area of the gambling establishment and operator requirements.
  • Portrait-oriented screens. The devices are characterized by the fact that they have a 42-inch portrait-oriented curved monitor. The page is displayed to the user vertically rather than horizontally. If previous versions were 1.16 m wide, this unit only takes 62.4 cm. This feature saves you the space you need in the house.
  • Classic variants. Some creators of slot machines produce devices similar to mechanical devices with handles and drums. Their monitors are usually smaller and fluctuate in the range of 30-50 inches. The equipment is smaller and has a dynamic player panel (DPP) with two to six Bash keys, double re-keys and an extended library of games. Another distinguishing feature is the presence of a USB port for charging the players of their gadgets.

Where are online casinos legal under the law?

Where are online casinos legal under the law?

Where are online casinos legal under the law?

According to foreign practice, online casinos are allowed in such countries with legal regulation: Austria, UK, Belgium, Belarus, Denmark, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia and Bulgaria.

There are also special reservations, where it is allowed to play at online casinos. Such world experience allows saving funds of residents in a particular territory. In Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Finland, Italy, India and France online gambling is allowed only in special licensed virtual rooms.

And in countries such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan, there is an active discussion of laws on the regulation of gambling on the Web.

Where are online casinos banned?

Online gambling at the legal level is prohibited in Russia, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Japan and Australia, Switzerland, Cyprus, Germany, Luxembourg, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, China and South Korea.